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26th of July 2017 06:35 PM
We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to our senior attorney Mr. Douglas Lehrman!
31st of May 2017 05:31 PM
Come find us at the Galt Flea Market today now until 1pm. We will be at J31 by the food row.
30th of May 2017 06:23 PM
If you have a few general Immigration questions and would like a chance to talk to our Certified Immigration Specialist, Mr. Douglas M. Lehrman, come find us tomorrow at the Galt Flea Market 11am-1pm.
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27th of April 2017 04:51 PM Link
Did you catch our senior attorney on ABC10's Live Stream yesterday?
If you have any follow up questions give us a call or submit an anonymous inquiry at
5th of April 2017 09:40 PM Link
It's an honor to have been a part of our very own paralegal's journey in helping her parents attain their permanent residency. It's one less family that will have to live with the fear of being torn apart.
5th of April 2017 08:37 PM Link
18th of March 2017 01:40 AM Link
17th of March 2017 08:54 PM Link
We may only be half way through the month but the approvals keep rolling in! Congratulations to all our clients who have recieved their approvals this month!

Apenas estamos a mediados del mes pero las aprobaciones siguen llegando! Felicidades a todos nuestros clientes que han recibido su aprobación este mes!
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10th of March 2017 06:45 PM Link
23rd of February 2017 07:28 PM Link
18th of February 2017 05:06 AM Link
16th of February 2017 08:48 PM Link
Our office stands in solidarity with all those fighting for and defending immigrant rights today. However, our office will remain open to ensure that we continue to provide the adequate guidance to those who are seeking help with their immigration situations.

* We are attaching a copy of the ILRC's Red card in case you or a loved one needs it when confronting ICE.

Nuestra Oficina esta en solidaridad con todos los que están peleando para y defendiendo los derechos de inmigrantes el dia de hoy. Como sea, nuestra oficina se mantendrá abierta para continuar a proveer guía a todos quienes están buscando ayuda con su situación inmigratoria.

* Estamos agregando una copia de la tarjeta roja de ILRC en el caso de que usted o un ser amado la ocupe cuando enfrentandose con ICE
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18th of November 2016 09:49 PM Link
16th of November 2016 05:08 AM Link
9th of November 2016 10:22 PM Link
Tomando en cuenta los resultados de las elecciones de ayer, debemos permanecer positivos. Durante mis 35 años de práctica he pasado por los tiempos más oscuros para los derechos inmigrantes. Las leyes de inmigración son cíclicas. Obviamente, por lo menos 50% de los botadores son pro-inmigrantes y cualquier movimiento con mano dura contra los inmigrantes será enfrentada con oposición fuerte por nosotros quienes estamos cometidos a defender la constitución y los derechos humanos básicos con cuales nuestro país fue fundado.

Si tiene preguntas sobre su caso inmigratorio contacte a nuestra oficina al (916)442-5900 o pregunte sus preguntas anónimas en nuestra página de Ask:
9th of November 2016 10:12 PM Link
Given the results of yesterday's elections, we must remain positive. In my 35 years of practice I have been through the darkest of times for immigrant rights. Immigration law is cyclical.
Obviously at least 50% of the voters are Pro-immigration and any strong handed move against immigrants is going to face strong opposition from those of us committed to upholding the constitution and the traditional basic human rights our country was based upon.

If you have questions regarding your immigration case contact our office at (916)442-5900 or ask anonymous questions on our Ask page:
18th of August 2016 06:13 PM Link
With the extension of the provisional waiver approaching, feel free to send us your anonymous questions regarding this or any other immigration relief you have question on.

“If you are in need of the help of our expert staff we look forward to being of service to you.”

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