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Happy Valentine's Day!
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4th of January 2018 09:32 PM
Our office would like to express our concern and support for Mayor Steinberg in his strong words published today in the Sacramento Bee and Newsweek in defense of our immigrant community.
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US Resumes Full Visa Processing in Turkey
by Sara Velasco

One of the last diplomatic actions of 2017 offers an olive branch to Turkey after having stopped all travel and consular visa processing when an embassy worker was fired by the government in October.The resumption of full visa services in Turkey initiates a resumed relationship with the country.1.

On July 15 of 2016, an attempted coup of the Turkish President, Recep Tayip Erdrogan spawned the purge of thousands of workers and arrested the world’s biggest population of reporters behind bars.

After the coup failed, President Erdogan made a huge purge mainly of the country’s educators: “21,000 Teachers Licenses were revoked, 15,200 Ministry of Education staff were sacked, 1,577 University Deans were told to quit, 8,000 police were removed from office, 1,500 Finance Ministry staff fired, 257 staff in Prime Minister’s office fired.”2.

In a move to justify his actions, President Erdrogan named an exiled Muslim cleric Imam as the mastermind behind the attempted coup. The highly popular leader, Fethullah Gulen, who has been living in the United States since his self-imposed exhile in 1999, was accused of planning the coup along with his spiritual followers of 6 million Turks living in the country.

Gulen, who rarely speaks with the press, expressed his concern for Turkey's future, but has "some hope. If they ask me what my final wish is," he added, "I would say the person who caused all this suffering and oppressed thousands of innocents, I want to spit in his face,” said Gulen.3.

Turkey’s myriad of social, economic and cultural problems expose a country with a national identity crisis exacerbated by the purges which has created an atmosphere of fear within the people.4.

Will Turkey take this unilateral action on behalf of the US as a signal to stop the purges and try to redeem itself in 2018? Well, probably not, but at least it’s something, we hope.
1. US Missions in Turkey to Resume Full Visa Services After Row. 2. Turkey’s Purges Continue a year After its Failed Coup Attempt. 3. Cleric Accused of Plotting Turkish Coup Attempt. 4. Erdrogan’s Turkey.
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Happy Holidays!!!
Announcing Free Citizenship Workshops in 2018!!

One of the keys to success in this country is becoming a United States Citizen! For all of our clients, associates, friends, family and the community, we urge you to apply to become a U.S. Citizen right away! If you have no criminal matters, you can come to our workshop or you can also go to website and access the N-400 application.

You can fill out the N-400 online or you can print out a blank application and use an ink pen to fill it out completely. The N-400 is a 20-page application, so please take care to answer every single question on the application. For any questions that do not apply to you, enter “N/A” on the application.

You can become a U.S. citizen immediately if your parents are U.S. Citizens. Otherwise, eligibility requirements are: you must have lived in the United States as a legal permanent resident for 5 years with no criminal convictions.

Filing the N-400 application in 5 easy steps:
1. Complete every question on the 20-page N-400 application.
2. Write a check to USCIS for $725.00.
3. File your application online or mail the application (for the address where to send your application, go to: and check to USCIS via registered mail.
4. Study for the citizenship test by memorizing the test questions on this link: 5. Attend the citizenship interview and pass the oral and written exams. (The government will send you an appointment date in the mail sometime after they have received your payment and application.)

Please consult our office for an appointment (916) 442-5900 if you have a DUI or a criminal matter. We will be glad to hear out the details of your case and explore whether there is anything we can or would like to do to help you.

Lady Liberty, you never looked so good!
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Attorney Douglas Lehrman finds the benefits of protecting people’s human rights is the greatest reward of his most satisfying career which he has enjoyed for 35 years. With the dangers increasing for individuals who are being deported and increasing numbers of arrests under the Trump administration, Douglas has found more and more people reaching out. In fact, he is currently organizing some free legal services for the community, which so desperately needs his help.

True to the humanitarian that he is, he often refers to his work as that of a “legal social services” worker. He considers one of his greatest achievements serving as the Chairman of the Refugee Rights Panel of a Voluntary Legal Services Program of Legal Services of Northern California. He has a Certified Immigration Specialist designation and is a former adjunct professor at McGeorge Law School. These are just a fraction of his great acts of service, honors and awards.

We are so proud of his accomplishments and empowered by witnessing and supporting his ongoing commitment to helping the people who need him the most in our community and our country.
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Our fearless leader and accomplished Super Lawyer, Douglas. (Tune in for this story next week.)
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30th of November 2017 11:18 PM
When a Child’s Heart Breaks

It may seem a simple thing to an ICE agent to arrest an “illegal” for deportation. Yet, how much does that agent consider that immigrant’s family? However simple an arrest may seem, this act of breaking a family apart probably has much greater implications than that arresting officer could ever imagine. The family is the first level of protection and support in our society. What of these children?

For immigrant children of modest means, this arrest can cost them their futures. Their futures affect us all--in our communities, in our towns and ultimately in our society as a whole.

From Losing Gloria, an article published in CaliforniaSunday online magazine, we found a compelling account of how the fate of a family was tragically changed when their mom was arrested for deportation.
“It was just after school got out, on one of those blinding, bright days in Phoenix, when 10-year-old Angel Marin learned that his mom was gone. He was walking home from class with his older sister Yesi.

In the living room, computer parts were splayed across the floor, the corduroy couches overturned. In the kitchen, food spilled from the cabinets onto countertops. There was a hole in the wall. Their mom’s sparkly blouses and blue jeans were thrown about. Their mother, Gloria, had been arrested, and the kids didn’t know why. “Nobody told us anything,” Yesi says.

Angel and Yesi, who was 14, were soon surveying the trailer with their two sisters — 15-year-old Evelyn and Briza, the family chatterbox, only 7. When Yesi walked into her mom’s purple-polka-dotted bedroom, she broke down in tears. “Why would they do this?” she asked.

The fate of these children unfolds as the long-form article tragically ends in a small town in Nogales, Mexico where Briza, a US citizen, and the only child who made a decision about her future, lives with her mom Gloria. Gloria’s three other children and now grandchildren live in the United States, have allowed life to just happen to them, heartbroken, directionless and sometimes completely alone.

If this ICE agent knew more about what he was doing, would he really truly be so willing to just deport a parent? We doubt this is the case. In fact, so much more happens after a parent is arrested. The suffering brought upon these children may last their lives. It might even be passed down for generations.

A heartbreak of this caliber can not be measured.
21st of November 2017 10:09 PM
Taking Immigration Action

After a postoperative patient, a nine-year-old undocumented girl with the added complications of cerebral palsy, RosaMaria Hernandez was taken into custody in her bed…in her hospital room in Texas after an emergency gall-bladder surgery, because she was “illegal,” many of us are beginning to wonder what has our government come to? News coverage of the spectacle include photos of federal agents arresting and taking RosaMaria: a thin, brown-skinned girl still in her hospital bed; to a federal detention center for adults.

How in the world have we come to this? What a shame this situation has brought upon us all. Not only do we wonder how could our government sink so low, we want to know what we can do to help our Mexican brothers and sisters or maybe even ourselves who have immigration concerns? This sort of thing should never happen again.

Aside from the awareness this incident brings to the forefront, this is an opportunity for us to take action.

Furthermore, “first generation” or naturalized Mexican-Americans can help Mexican-citizen parents, sisters and brothers become legal residents directly with the help of an immigration attorney. If we use an undocumented daycare provider for our children while we are away at work, there may be something we can do for her too.

Many of us “first generation Americans” may have a “Tio Jesus” who has been living in the country as a legal permanent resident for 22 years and just hasn’t bothered to apply for citizenship. Take him out for a meal and just give him the N-400 application to become a naturalized citizen, help him fill it out and then ask him to sign it. Then mail it in for him and give him the 100 questions for the U.S. citizenship test to practice (which are easily available online) while he waits for his citizenship interview. As long as “Tio Jesus” has no criminal arrests, he should be able to do it without the assistance of a lawyer. If he has a DUI or any other arrest of any kind, take him to a lawyer instead. Call it a Christmas present.

It is time we reach out to our family members, neighbors and friends who we may know have immigration issues. We need to become passionate advocates for family members who are eligible to become citizens.

If RosaMaria’s parents had hired a lawyer before she had gotten sick, they could have ridden in the ambulance with RosaMaria without fear and told the border agents that she had an immigration attorney, knowing they had someone to call and a way to fight for their child’s rights.

Common sense should have told the federal agents that arresting a ten year old child with cerebral palsy who required an emergency surgery is a violation of that child’s human rights. In this tragic situation, even common sense failed. This is a situation of vast ignorance on both sides.

A kinder word for RosaMaria and her parents, their humility and the same type of humility many of our brothers and sisters and friends can possess sometimes sets them up to be the perfect victim.

We must help them arm themselves with knowledge and tell them how to defend themselves with legal representation.
This example should prove to everyone that the current need to defend ourselves is critical. Tell Tio Jesus there is no time to wait. We don’t want to be in the situation of RosaMaria’s parents who realized they should have hired an attorney before RosaMaria needed the surgery.

The time to act is now.
1. 10-year-old Disabled Immigrant Detained After Immigration Agents Stop Her on Way to Surgery. By Clark Mindock, New York, Wednesday 25 October 2017 23:14 BST.
2. Losing Gloria - After Their Mother Was Deported to Mexico, the Marin Siblings Faced an Impossible Choice: Stay or Go. By Lizzie Presser, Photographs by Diàna Markosian June 1, 2017.
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31st of October 2017 10:32 PM Link
Defining Sanctuary State
As Californians, we want happy cows raised by happy workers and Governor Brown and the legislature is committed to making this a reality.
Although Agriculture is certainly the most obvious, our immigrant workers are needed in every industry we have. From tourism to Hollywood to the average Chevrolet dealership, our workers are present in every nuance of our economy and our state is enjoying unprecedented prosperity.
These workers are the lowest paid, yet do the most laborious work. Sadly, our immigrant workers are not thanked for all of their contributions. Tragically, just the opposite is true.
There is no easy pathway to U.S. citizenship. For example, it currently takes about 15 years for a U.S. citizen to successfully petition and process an immigrant visa petition for a brother or sister’s family. Sadder still and potentially more dangerous, too many Americans do not know the facts.
It was far too easy for Donald Trump to dupe a large portion of the population into believing Mexicans, in particular, are criminals and rapists. Nothing could be further from the truth.
His presidential campaign promises to build a wall and deport “the Mexicans” have become the battle cries for David Duke, Richard Spencer and the rest of their ilk. He has shamed our entire country, put our values into question on a worldwide scale and this is only the beginning of his presidency.
Upon hearing of Spencer’s recent travel plans to the country, Poland’s Foreign Minister, Witold Waszczykowski, recently announced that Spencer should change his travel plans because he is not welcome there. Associated Press, 10/29/2017:
Ignorant, drunken “ugly American” college students on a spring break in Mexico chanted “build that wall, build that wall,” and made international headlines. These students now represent a new nuance of our shared American shame.
Alternatively, President Pro Tempore, Senator Kevin de Leon, Governor Jerry Brown and California lawmakers are leading the charge to defend and protect immigrants and establish some guidelines for civil rights for workers as well as establish some safe havens for them. Hospitals, schools, courthouses and libraries among other public places will provide safe haven for immigrants. The Los Angeles Times and discussed these and the rights established by the new law. Los Angeles Times, Jazmine Ulloa, September 26:; Time, Katy Steinmetz, October 5:
The Cambridge English dictionary defines sanctuary as: “protection or a safe place, especially for someone or something being chased or hunted.”

Californians supporting the sanctuary state policy are the grown-ups in the room.

Millions of people who work for us, especially those who labor in our lettuce fields and of course, our grapes; these people who produce our food, who build our homes and our businesses are being persecuted by the federal government.
These Californians want this bill and the term sanctuary state to define us as defenders of human rights. Perhaps California could even take it a step further and be a champion of human rights.
Our immigrants are hard working people who are needed in every segment of our economy. At the very least, we could make California a sanctuary from persecution.
But we have a lot of work to do to become a champion.
Immigrants are in fact, 6% of our population. 1 in 17 people in California is undocumented. We have millions of people undocumented in our state right now...and these people are certainly NOT rapists and criminals!

Recently, California’s economy was officially named the fifth largest economy in the world, bumping England into sixth place as reported by The Independent News, Zlata Rodionova on October 6:
With great privilege comes great responsibility.
A big part of our prosperity is owed to our workers. In our collective conscience, we must do more to support them and make life in California more humane for everyone.
It’s about time our tax dollars represented what Californians want.
This is the rally cry of Californians who want to stand for something and make sanctuary state truly mean what it sounds like. In fact, this is about human rights: and a change in this direction has been a long awaited and desperately needed one.
26th of October 2017 08:58 PM Link
A few words about Jessica:

Jessica has worked for our office since the summer of 2000. She has helped our office prepare for countless trials and court appearances in the 16 years she has worked for us.
With Jessica’s help, we have helped clients from Iran, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Morocco, Nigeria, and… the list goes on.

Although our Spanish-speaking clients are usually helped by our bilingual staff, she enjoys working with these clients too whenever she has the chance.

Working closely with our clients in the middle east and Africa, Jessica says the highest praise she has received was when someone told her “you are like my family.”

Our clients can’t resist Jessica’s warmth and genuine sense of caring. In fact, her house is decorated with the many small gifts they have brought her from their native countries, which she absolutely loves. We are so fortunate to have her with us.

Thank you, Jessica for your time and commitment to our clients. You are pure gold!
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He promised Mexico was going to pay...

Trump said that he would renew DACA if the border wall with Mexico would be built. Last week, congress approved H.R. 3219, a $790 B I L L I O N bill which includes a mere $1.6 B I L L I O N for the border wall.

$1.6 B I L L I O N dollars... $1.6 Billion dollarinis. That's right folks, $1.6 BILLION Dollars for a wall that our governor said we don't need. In fact, Governor Brown said "we need bridges, not walls." Between you and I (facebook friend), we know the border wall is unnecessary and a waste of taxpayer dollars. In fact, it is irresponsible to spend $1.6 Billion on a wall when we are still handling the clean up and repairs from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria (Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico), the fires in our state AND...AND...did you know we are in a state of emergency because of a Hepatitis A outbreak?

$1.6 BILLION would cure Hepatitis A in California and resolve our homelessness problem.

$1.6 BILLION would repair the Infrastructure in Puerto Rico, AND Florida and we'd still have money to spare!

$1.6 BILLION is a L O T of money, friend.

And Mexico is NOT paying for it.

I wonder what other "nuggets" are hidden in the $788.4 BILLION remaining that Mexico is also NOT paying for. Do you think the Treasury Secretary's weekend shopping trips are hidden in there somewhere?
13th of October 2017 01:53 PM
We are so proud of our attorney, Sasha Ganji who won a very difficult trial yesterday in San Francisco for a client seeking asylum from Jalisco Mexico. Sasha worked diligently to prepare and win.

When we asked him why he chose to work in immigration law he said, "the rewards are the difference you can make in somebody's life. A lot of times these cases are life or death."

Thank you Sasha for your commitment to justice and human rights. It is a privilege to work with you.
26th of July 2017 06:35 PM
We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to our senior attorney Mr. Douglas Lehrman!
31st of May 2017 05:31 PM
Come find us at the Galt Flea Market today now until 1pm. We will be at J31 by the food row.
30th of May 2017 06:23 PM
If you have a few general Immigration questions and would like a chance to talk to our Certified Immigration Specialist, Mr. Douglas M. Lehrman, come find us tomorrow at the Galt Flea Market 11am-1pm.
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